Gus and Lucy Therapy Cats

“Gus and Lucy have the unique ability to make you believe you are incredibly special. While they are angling for pats and belly rubs, you get the feeling that they know how calming it is for you.”

~ Therapy Client 


Lucy (a.k.a Lucy-Lu, Lu-Lu, Her Royal Highness, Shameless) and Gus (a.k.a Hop on the Bus Gus, Mr. Buff, Buddy) work part-time as therapy cats for Elizabeth, their faithful human.

Lucy is a tiny but feisty tabby. She is usually “ready to serve” up her loving charm and big green eyes to anyone willing to notice her. She loves everyone and is really more like a dog…well, except when she is stubbornly a cat.

Gus is a big, solid boy who shows his love in more subtle ways. Quiet, unassuming and very gentle.

The four “C”s of their role (if they so choose, of course): Cuddles, Comfort, Caring and Comic Relief.

Cats not your thing? Many clients love having some furry company. But, if you’re not one of them, no problem! These fur balls won’t be in your space.