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Keeping the heart in your work...
Support for Health Care Professionals, Helpers and Healers

Having worked in health and mental health care most of my career, I am very familiar with the physical and emotional exhaustion that can come from long-term exposure to emotionally demanding work. This can impact so many aspects of our lives - how we relate to others, job performance, career satisfaction and psychological and physical health.

Most of us who work in the health care field were drawn to it because we love to help others. But sometimes the demands on us are just too great. Health care systems are recognizing the need to address operational and environmental factors. However, these systemic changes are not happening fast enough to prevent burnout, vicarious trauma, depression and PTSD. And the costs can be huge to those of us who provide care. 

I can help you find productive ways to manage stress, reconnect to your purpose and find meaning and joy in your work again amidst an ever-changing health care system.


New Client 20-minute phone consultation = FREE

Let's chat and find out if we're a good fit

First session (1.5 hours) = $150

Follow-up sessions hourly rate = $135

Sessions can be conducted in-person (Halifax) or by phone/video calls.

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