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About Me...

Human resiliency and compassion are at the heart of my work. I believe that people want and deserve to live a full, meaningful life. Sometimes we get stuck and can’t see a clear path ahead of us. I’ve worked with many people who have learned to move forward in their lives with self-awareness, confidence and a sense of becoming/being the person they are meant to be. My passion is to help people find or reconnect with joy, meaning and purpose. 

I’m a Clinical Social Worker (MSW, RSW) and for over 30 years, I have helped people with a wide variety of issues related to mental health and wellness. The work I do today is a culmination of my experience in community and public health settings, my private counselling and consulting practice and  facilitation of mental health, workplace health and mindfulness workshops. I see things through a social justice, feminist and anti-racist lens. My perspective is ever evolving and informs my work with people. 

Now, I am excited to bring my accumulated experience and knowledge to focus on:

I offer a collaborative, supportive, trauma-informed approach in order for people to feel comfortable and safe in pursuing their personal goals. I belong to the LGBTQIA2S community and am familiar with many of the unique challenges, as well as the many joys associated with it. 

Clients and colleagues comment that I create an inviting, warm, safe, respectful and open environment for working through life challenges. I can honour your needs and way of being in the world. I offer a broad range of skills and approaches along with practical wisdom.

Pebble Beach
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